Dr Vaibhav Tyagi MD, FRACP

Geriatrician & Physician

Dr Vaibhav Tyagi is an aged care specialist-geriatrician and physician practising in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia.  He has been practising medicine for 20 years.

He undertook physician training at various places in Australia, including Adelaide, Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne, Ballarat in regional Victoria and Mildura in regional NSW.

He has also trained in general internal medicine as well as cardiology before completing his specialist training in geriatric medicine and therefore is able to provide holistic and comprehensive medical care to the patient.

Dr Tyagi gained further experience and training in dementia and memory assessment and he was actively involved in cognitive dementia and memory service (DCAMS) clinics in Victoria.  He has been assessing driving related skills in the elderly for a number of years.

He was part of a medical team running the continence clinic and falls clinic in Ballarat, Victoria.  Dr Tyagi has obtained experience and training working with the specialised dementia related behavioural management unit in Sunshine Hospital, Melbourne.

Dr Tyagi has undergone internship training working with the Office of Public Advocate Melbourne, Victoria and Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, Melbourne and has knowledge and skills regarding medico legal aspects of care as well as forensic aspect of care in the elderly.

He has been performing capacity assessments as well as assessing testamentary capacity to make a will and participating in NSW civil and administrative tribunal (NCAT) process to uphold and protect the rights of vulnerable individuals.

He has participated in a number of clinical research trials and projects and has publications related to medical workforce, medical training, general medicine, carer burden in dementia, quality of care audits, hypertension and heart failure in Australian and International Journals.

He was instrumental in starting the memory clinic and the first ortho-geriatric service in Coffs Harbour Health Campus.

He has experience in falls prevention in the elderly as well as osteoporosis management.

He has initiated a model of care regarding prevention and management of delirium (acute confusion) in the elderly in Coffs Harbour and has been actively involved in improving health care in the hospital as well as the community and has been part of a root cause analysis team to investigate incidents in order to improve health outcomes.


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